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Fit Over 40 - My Review

They say that life begins at 40. Well, if that's the case why do so many of us seem to dread it rather than look forward to the big occasion.

The best selling e-guide Fit Over 40 is a unique approach to looking good and feeling fit into middle age. Its an unusual hybrid of a standard get-fit manual and a hair-raising inspirational tome that is, and has been, making waves in the fitness industry ever since its publication.
Available as a downloadable e-book, you can also get Fit Over 40 in hard copy format and it features a combination of nutrition information, motivational coaching and, of course the all important exercise programs. Nothing really different there then, so why if Fit Over 40 different from the pack?Well, read on and I will explain.

What Is Fit Over 40?

Fit Over 40 is a comprehensive compilation of nutritional data, a set of follow along exercises and examples (all beautifully illustrated), exercise plans and, unusually, 52 inspiring and motivational success stories. The guide backs the idea that you can gain muscle no matter how old you are; a fact which incidentally has been backed by medical research carried out by William Evans at Tufts University. His research showed that people as old as 80 and even those into their 90s can still actually benefit from strength training as long as they possess the right attitude.
Of course, we're always being told that mind over matter can help us achieve anything and it's become something of a cliche, but in this case the old adage really does work. You see, according to the author, if your state of mind isn't correct that this can lead to an imbalance in your hormonal system. So what, you might think, but this can lead to you gaining weight faster, it can cause your metabolism to run slowly and even cause such things as bad skin and a faulty immune system. One part of the guide I particularly liked was where it showed that people in their 40s also have to battle an additional problem; other people. You see, when you hit 40 most people expect you to become more sedentary and not to bother with exercise. So, when you decide to do something about it, its quite natural that you take some stick. However, following the advice Fit Over 40 will keep you on track despite what friends and family may be saying and it will ensure that you can not only battle the physical demands of the program but also the mental ones.

Whats Included In Fit Over 40?

  • A 304-page E-book  with a complimentary hard copy. The hard copy is great for reading on the bus, in the bath or basically anytime you need inspiration. Its full of information to help you follow the various exercise programs and, of course, you can also use it to regularly to get inspiration from any of the 52 success stories.
  • 2 BodyTalk MP3 Audios, one about the Fit Over 40 15-minute workout plan and one about getting started and staying motivated,
  • A quick start CD and a bonus audio CD.

Who Has Written The Fit Over 40 Guide?

The brains behind the Fit Over 40 guide is a guy called John Benson. John once sported a 44 inch waistline -  something he was serious than happy about. By the time he was 43 however, he had significantly reduced that and was happier, leaner and healthier. He realised at this point that age was no barrier to getting fit and he also startlingly discovered that millions of people all over the world were suffering from the same issues that he had. That's why he developed a program to promote healthy living without trying to develop a ripped torso.
The co-author of the guide, Tom Venuto , is a well-known exercise and nutrition expert who has also authored a bestselling e-book called 'burn the fat, feed the muscle'. Tom has worked as a motivational coach, and provides much of the inspiration in the guide.

What are the Pros and Cons of Fit Over 40

  • Promotes over all well-being – mental, physical and emotional
  • With resources that can be used for getting and staying motivated
  • Especially geared for people over 40
  • Tested and proven exercises
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • The fact that it is geared for 40ish people can be a con since younger people ay not be comfortable with this program, except that the nutritional information and the motivation that can be installed into anyone using this program covers all age ranges
if you coming up to your 40s or even if you have reached them then you can get a lot from the fit over 40 guide. Best of all it has a full money back guarantee and even has a trial period. If you would like to find out more then please click the link below to visit the official website.

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